Why You Must Visit Disney Once In Your Lifetime


If there is one place that everybody daydreams about visiting at least once in their life, it’s Disney. And why not? Most of us were raised on the Disney movies, we learned all about right from wrong based on Robin Hood and The Lion King and Pinocchio. 

Disney is something that we all know of and is a place to recapture that childhood excitement again. Going to Disney as an adult is every bit as exciting as going as a child and you can take a look here at exactly how you can book yourself a trip of a lifetime. 

If you are still on the fence as to why you should spend the money on your next holiday and go to Disney, take a look at all of our reasons to go below.

  • It’s the best. Whether you bring children or you go alone with a friend, Disney rocks. There is always going to be something exciting to enjoy when you go to Disney World or Disneyland. When you bring children, you feed off of their excitement, but when you go with just friends as adults, you get to experience Disney in a whole new way. You should visit Disney at least once as an adult without children, because you get to focus on being a big kid yourself. Disney is an adult means you also get to indulge in late night firework shows, having an alcoholic drink and you can even drink around the world in Epcot.
  • There are fast passes. You will often be able to book yourself a vacation that involves fast passes to help you to skip the keys. If you’re not traveling with kids you might not mind queuing for awhile, but if you are traveling with children then being able to skip the queue is one of the best bits. 
  • Disney is accessible. The Disney parks are very good at catering to those with disabilities or those who need extra help. Whether you are traveling with seniors in your group or you are traveling with somebody with additional needs, Disney has been specifically designed and includes ramps and walkways, to help those who are on wheels. Parents with children in strollers are also going to appreciate the fact that it’s so accessible, because it means that there’s easy movement through all of the parks.
  • The food. Honestly, there is a reason that this has its own section. From the buffets at the hotels to the vendors and stands throughout the park. Whether you are vegan or vegetarian or you absolutely love your meat, there is something for everybody to enjoy.
  • There is just so much to do. There are so many things to do that don’t just involve spending money at Disney and not many people realize that. You can ride the monorail between all of the hotels to give yourself a free tour of the entire area, you can walk around springs and watch the people and the shows. The parade is also free to see when you arrive. 

Disney just has to be on your bucket list and it doesn’t matter whether you visit one park in life or you’ve managed to visit all of them. 


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