Using Uber in Accra, Ghana: 7 Things You Need To Know

Using Uber in Accra, Ghana: 7 Things You Need To Know

So you are visiting Accra soon and are wondering if they have apps like Uber in Ghana and what you need to know. Don’t worry I am here to give you all the information.


1.Popular Apps in Accra

To get around Accra you will most likely be using Uber in Ghana to get around but they are not the only apps available.

The main apps available are Uber, Bolt and Yango. Bolt is the most popular and prices on Bolt tend to be higher on Bolt than Uber since its the most popular.


2. Most Drivers Will Not Put On The AC For You

Ghana is so hot! If you are going to be using Uber or another platform don’t expect driver to put the AC for you.

If you ask for AC most drivers will come up with an excuse, some I have heard are:

“Madam please the AC is broken”

“Madam fuel prices are high”

There will be an option to request the temperature in the car when booking, if you request AC the ride will be more expensive. 

Make sure you purchase a rechargeable fan to take on your trip to Ghana because you will need it!


3. Most Drivers Prefer Cash To Card Payments

Most drivers prefer cash to card but they don’t actually see what method of payment you will be using until they get to you and start the trip.

The day that I realised this is when an Uber picked me up and started the trip only to realise it was a card trip. He made a whole fuss about it and threatened to cancel the trip!

After that incident I started messaging drivers before they got to me to let them know that it was a card trip. That particular day about five drivers cancelled on me after I sent that message lol.

I then asked the Uber driver that eventually picked me up about it.  He explained to me that they prefer cash because they can use it buy petrol for their cars straight away whereas with card payments it can take a while for them to receive their money.

4. Most Ubers Are Quite Small Cars

I am used to seeing all sorts of cars being used as Uber (I’ve even had a Tesla pick me up in London lol). In Ghana alot of the genral ubers are quite small cars called the Daewoo Matis. I did get some other cars but most were the smaller cars. You can book Uber Comfort etc and get a larger car.


5. Some May Text or Call You and Ask “Where Are You Going?”

This is something I didn’t get to be honest until later on. Uber/Bolt drivers don’t see where you are actually going to until they pick you up and start the trip. I assume it is is for safety reasons but it can be annoying when a driver gets to you and tries to ask you where you are going when you are already in the car.

I had at least two drivers have me sit in their car and ask me where I’m going only to say “I’m not going there” that I should leave the car. Its actually better if they message or call to ask so no ones time is wasted and the trip can be cancelled before they make their way to you.


6. Some May Call You To Say “I Am On My Way”

This one makes me laugh so much! I would get calls or messages with drivers saying “please I am on my way”. and I would respond “Okay, thank you”

That’s it! I guess they are being polite to you and there are so many Uber stories on Twitter where the drivers don’t actually turn up lol!


7. Some May Ask For Directions

Some drivers may ask you for directions when they pick you up. This is the by far the most annoying one lol! My advice is to tell them to “use the map please” and keep saying this if they keep asking you.

I have allowed some drivers to use shortcuts they know but this driver a 5* rated driver on Uber and had done so many trips that I felt safe enough.


Overall, I hope this was useful and helps you on your future trip to Accra!


Other Info

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