9 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Ghana

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So you are visiting Ghana soon and wondering what to expect on your trip there. Below are a nine things you need to know before visiting.

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1. Your Uber Driver Will Most Likely Not Turn On Their AC.

Obviously your Uber driver will have an A.C in their car. An Uber driver actually told me that they have to pass some tests on their cars to be an Uber driver and having a working A.C is on the checklist.

Even if your Uber driver has A.C they will most likely pick you up with their windows rolled down instead of using it. This came as a shock because it is HOT but if you are nice, chat with them and ask nicely they sometimes put it on. You can also choose in the app to pay extra to have a “cool” temperature which means they will put AC on.


2. At Tourist Attractions You Will Most Likely Be Charged More

Many countries do this, and Ghana is among them. Foreigners are charged more at tourist sites. For example at Cape Coast Castle it costs 40 GHC for a foreigner but 5GHC for a Ghanaian. Make sure you double check prices for different tourist spots so that you budget accordingly.

Cape Coast Castle, Ghana
Cape Coast Castle, Ghana

3. You Need To Take The Yellow Fever Jab

This is a requirement. This will be checked on arrival and on departure. So make sure to get it done! They have a clinic in the airport where you can pay to get it done but obviously its more comforting to have already done it.


4.It’s Hot, Pack Your Sunscreen and Portable Fan

Pack sunscreen, it’s hot. Especially all my black people, protect that melanin because you can get sun burnt and skin cancer too. I personally use the Garnier SPF50 sunscreen but if you its not available in your region you can find a list of sunscreens recommended for Black people HERE.

As for the portable fan, it is useful when your Uber driver decides to not put on the AC or you are wearing makeup in the heat.



5. Uber Drivers Tend To Prefer Cash

A lot of Ubers/Bolts prefer cash. I was told by an Uber driver that a lot of drivers will not pick a ride if it’s a card payment. Although I have used card before, it may take a bit longer to get a driver to pick you up.


6. People are Generally Friendly

You will enjoy your time in Ghana because people are friendly. You will be welcomed, so enjoy your time!

aburi botanical gardens, ghana
Aburi Botanical Garden, Ghana

7. People May Automatically Speak To You In Twi

This goes along with the friendly part. If you are black and don’t speak first, a lot of the time, people will speak in Twi to you.


8. At Night Police Checks Happen

In certain major areas of Accra such as Spintex Road, East Legon, Airport Residential and Ridge; you will see quite a few a police points once it hits 10pm. The police are there to ensure public safety, they look inside of your car with a flashlight and sometimes ask for car documents. There is nothing to worry about, it’s all for safety.


9. It’s Useful To Have a Little Cash On You

Whether its to quickly give someone a tip or just use it to purchase some ankara in Osu, having a little bit of cash just in cash on you. Uber drivers also prefer cash so having some on you will be very useful for you.



Ghana is great place to visit in West Africa. Enjoy the sun, culture and food 🙂 I hope these points are useful and help with your plan on visiting Ghana. Now that you know what to expect how about checking what you need to pack with my essential packing list for Ghana. 

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