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things to do korea this spring


Wondering what to do in Korea, the land of the calm this spring? Korea has so many wonderful places to visit and I am not just saying that because I like Korea, I genuinely believe so. If you plan on visiting, here are a few suggestions for you based on my own experience.


1. Explore Korean Culture in Yangpyeong

Yangpyeong is a small village in Gyeonggi-do, a province just outside of Seoul. I visited Yangpyeong with an organisation called Adventure Korea. They organize trips monthly and they are pretty awesome. It allows you join a trip with other people if you don’t know anyone.

On this particular trip there was bunjee jumping. Yes your girl did NOT do it but my friend did. We went strawberry picking, learnt how to make rice cake, made strawberry bread which was really rice cake with red bean inside, played some traditional Korean games and learnt how to make Jeon (Korean pancake). It was a lovely cultural day but please bear in mind it is a long day. If you are interested in something like this check their website out over HERE.

 Korean Pancake (Jeon) Korean Pancake (Jeon)

2. Walk through the Sea in Jindo Island

Jindo Island is the third largest island in South Korea and it is located in South Jeollanamdo province. I visited Jindo Island for the Jindo Sea Parting Festival aka Miracle Sea Road Festiaval with Enjoy Korea, another organisation that organises trips.

This festival on Jindo Island is basically where the sea parts and you can walk through it to a nearby island called Modo Island. This happens at certain times throughout the day where you walk through in large groups. Throughout the day there are also different events, performances and places to eat. I enjoyed it a lot and found it really interesting! I would recommend it if you can go. You can check out Enjoy Korea HERE.



3. Try some authentic green tea in Boseong

The Boseong Green Tea Fields are also called the Daehan Dawon Tourist Plantation and it is located in Boseong, Joellanamdo. I visited the Green Tea Field as a weekend trip along with the Jindo Island trip organised by Enjoy Korea.

It is very picturesque and you can sit down at a cafe with nice views, go for a walk, learn about green tea,  look around their museum and try some green tea ice cream.

things to do in korea this spring

4. Go on a Mini Hike in Geoje Island

Geoje Island is located in Gyeongsangnam-do province and is Korea’s second largest island. It is a lovely coastal city and is known for its shipbuilding by Samsung and DSME. I visited Geoje with another organisation which I will not be mentioning due to being disappointed for many reasons. I enjoyed my time there on Geoje Island and liked the relaxed vibe on the island.

During my weekend there I went on a walk to see cherry blossoms and a tulip garden, visited Windy Mill, Sinseondae (a large rock formation that overlooks the sea) , Hakdong Mongdol Beach, Wayheon Beach and went on a mini hike to Gongoji Botanical Garden.

things to do in korea this spring

Overall Geoje Island is a nice place and there are quite a few other things to do. Don’t overlook Geoje Island if you are looking for nice places to go!

Those are my four recommendations for you to do this spring in Korea. Have fun and let me know if you do any of them!



The best things to do in Korea in the spring


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