Your Travel Guide to Somabay, Egypt | Things To Do, Where To Stay & More!

Your Travel Guide to Somabay, Egypt | Things To Do, Where To Stay & More!

Somabay is a large exclusive luxury resort area (almost like it’s own village) located 50 minutes from Hurghada airport that I think is worth a visit. Somabay provides the relaxation and 5 star hospitality that I loved! I spent 3 nights and 4 days in Somabay and had an amazing time. Here is a  Somabay travel guide to help you plan your future trip or if you are  just curious about Somabay I hope this helps you learn about this beautiful destination.

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Getting To Somabay

As mentioned above Somabay is a 5 star resort area located on the eastern shores of Egypt along the Red Sea coast. It is 50 minutes from Hurghada airport which is the closet airport. You will need to fly into Hurghada International airport and get a taxi to your hotel in Somabay. Your hotel should be able to help with booking an airport pick up service or you can book a taxi HERE


Where To Stay

Somabay has some hotels in the area and rental properties.  Most of the hotels in Somabay are 4 -5 star hotels o you can be guaranteed high quality and excellent hospitality. I stayed at the Cascades Golf and Spa Resort  which I thoroughly enjoyed but below are some of the popular hotels in the area.

Popular Hotels in Somabay

Robinson Hotel – 4* Hotel located on the beach front

Cascades Golf and Spa Hotel – 4* Hotel with a golf course and Thalasso Spa

Kempinski Hotel – 5* Hotel located on the beach front

Sheraton Somabay Resort – 5* Hotel on the beach front

The Breakers Diving and Surfing Lodge – 4* Hotel hotel by the the famous Jetty

Stayr – Bay Life Home Rental – Over 40+ properties to rent in Somabay

There are more hotels in the area, these are just a few.


5 Things To Do In Somabay

1. Visit the SomaBay Marina

The Somabay Marina is the main spot to visit. There are different restaurants, a medical centre, restaurants, shops and more here. One of the spots I recommend is SoBar, I had lunch here and enjoyed it.


2. Visit the S.Cape Beach

There is a long beach that is divided among the hotels for its own guests. This is the closest beach to all the hotels and is walking distance to most of them, The only hotel that is not in walking distance is Cascades Golf Resort and Spa but they have a regular shuttle bus to the beach.


3. Take a Golf Lesson

If you are interested in golfing Somabay Golf is a golf academy where you can take golf lessons. They also offer free 30 minute lessons on certain days which I recommend trying.


4. Go Karting

Somabay Raceway is a go karting track where you can have some competitive fun with friends and family. Time to get racing!


5. Head to the  Spa

The Cascades Spa is the home of an award winning luxury spa with a Thalasso pool.The Spa has 65 treatment rooms and the facilities extend over 7,500 square meters .The Thalasso-Tonic Hydrotherapy Pool is 750 m2 and contains 830 m3 of seawater sub-divided into several distinct zones with water jets, currents and counter-currents, showers, and bubble baths, each zone of the pool is designed to regenerate and tone a specific part of your body.

If you are looking for more things to do in Somabay check this guide on “11 things to do in Somabay”(to be published)


Staying Connected with an E-Sim

There are different options to staying connected the internet and having data. You can buy a simcard, using your phone and roam or get an e-sim. I purchased an e-sim via Airalo for my trip and it was really useful to use google, uber etc. Just be mindful to turn off the data when you are not using it!. If you feel like you will be making calls then a sim may work for you!


9 Things To Know

1.  Somabay is much its own village/resort area and everything is pretty much interconnected.

2. You can walk from the beach area to the marina(vice versa)  in 20 minutes via one long road. I recommend doing this walk during sunset its very pretty, maybe grab some ice cream for the walk.

3.  There are hotel carts  that you can take along the road from the beach to the marina (vice versa) but they come at certain times, another option is to rent your own golf cart via Hopper.

4. The marina has a supermarket, medical centre plus other restaurants and stores so it  has pretty much most things you may be looking for.

5. The only hotel  that is not located by the beach is Cascades as it is a golf resort but they do have a private beach area for hotel guests and have a hotel shuttle bus that can take you there.

6. Uber is available here but you may not see a lot of cars to book, your hotel can also book you a car to wherever you are going so have some cash as you may need it.

7.  The Somabay Golf Centre have specific days and times where they run free golf lessons, I recommend checking to see if you can take one if you are newbie and want to try it out.

8. If you choose to venture out to Hurghada make sure to have a drivers number that can bring you back in case you can’t find an Uber driver that is willing to go back in that direction.

9. Most hotels are all inclusive but if you are looking for a bit of a change I recommend eating at So Bar in the Somabay Marina.



I hope this Somabay travel guide has helped you learn more about Somabay and what there is to offer! I think Somabay is beautiful and is amazing for relaxing trip. It’s a resort town with everything you need and if you feel like visiting somewhere else like Hurghada you can and then return to the peaceful Somabay.


Other Somabay Posts 

I stayed at Cascades Golf Resort, Spa & Hotel which was a lovely experience.  If you are interested in learning more about things to do in Somabay here is a blog  post for you  “11 Things to Do in Somabay”(to be published).


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