Weekend Solo Trip to Palma, Mallorca – Budget and Itinerary

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Are weekend flights your thing or do you prefer longer trips? After seeing a weekend flight to Palma for £25.98 on Ryanair, I had to book it and and took a solo trip to see what Palma Mallorca had to offer. Please note this was pre pandemic in Europe (Feb 2020).

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I challenged myself not to buy a hand luggage and to only pack the personal bag Ryanair offers! I bought the aerolite cabin bag for £10 as my bag since it fits under the Ryanair seats. It is a very lightweight bag so don’t expect the highest quality but it is affordable and can fit what you need into it.


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Day 1 – Saturday

I landed on the Friday evening so that I could get up and enjoy a full day on Saturday solo in Palma. If you have the time to visit the Drach Caves in Palma, which is a boat trip in Europe’s largest underground lake. I was not able to visit although I wanted to, due to the Corona virus. This may take half of your day depending on the time you go on the the boat ride and how far you are from the location. You can find out more here.

  • The first stop for me was at Canblanc by the port to grab a smoothie. Honestly this place is a bit pricey but it is right by the sea so you can sit it in the sun right on the port. It has a really nice vibe.
  • After grabbing a smoothie I dropped by the Baluard Museum of Modern & Contemporary. If you are into art this is a nice place to visit.
  • Next I visited, The Royal Palace of Almudaina which was a nice visit. On your way to the palace you will pass through Hort Del Rei, which is a lovely park.
  • The ‘La Seu’ Cathedral is right next to the the Royal Palace of Almundaina. I didn’t actually go inside but took a picture of it. The best pictures to take are on the other side of the artificial lake in front of it. If you have time go in and take a look if you would like in side the Cathedral.palma
  • If you have time you can also visit the Mallorca Musuem, I was not able to do this.
  • I then looked everywhere for food only to forget that there is siesta and that most restaurants won’t open until 7/8ish pm so I headed to a restaurant called Saranna Cafe and Gastro Pub, which is actually quite popular. To find out more about where to eat you can check out See Mallorca.

Day 2 – Sunday

  • On Sundays, the Bellver Castle is free, so I planned to go there on a Sunday instead of Saturday. It is located at the top of a hill and is great to see views of city and for pictures. My hostel was only about a 20 minute walk to the castle and I had to walk through a lovely park to get there.
  • After I spent some time sitting in the sun on some benches near my hostel where there is a view of the port.
  • If you have time I recommend spending time at one of the many beaches Palma has to offer if its within season to visit one. As you can see I didn’t visit the beach, that is because it was February.
  • I later checked out of my hostel and took a bus to the centre of Palma which is a lot busier and has the shopping areas etc. I recommend this area if you are interested in busier areas and shopping.
  • I stopped to eat at Es Rebost and I don’t regret it. I saw a lot of people eating in the restaurant and took a chance, but really enjoyed my meal.


Budget Breakdown

Below is a breakdown on how much I spent and what I spent it on for my solo weekend trip to Palma. I converted all the euros in to British pounds.

  • Flight Ticket with Ryanair (only a personal bag) – £25.98
  • Train to Airport on the Stansted Express – £34
  • Airport Bus in Palma – £9
  • Hostel – £27
  • Food – approx £40.50 ( Eating out once each day plus snacks and drinks)
  • Activities- £9 (Palace and Museum)

TOTAL = approx £145.48

Palma is great for a first solo trip because it is not a big city and the transport system is easy to figure out. I feel the amount of money spent on this trip this is quite good for a weekend / two days trip. I personally tried to make it as cheap as possible, which is why I did not purchase a hand luggage and stayed in a hostel. I hope you enjoy your solo trip in Palma!

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