Things to Do In Osaka | My Top Three Suggestions

things to do in osaka

I can see the excitement all over your face! You are visiting Osaka soon and are looking for things to do while there.  No need to worry Sarah is here! I have visited Osaka as well as Kyoto and Toyko.

Osaka is a large city port and commercial centre on the Japanese island of Honshu. I LOVED Osaka because it was so chill but still had a city vibe. If you are looking for a great place to stay in Osaka check out Guesthouse Sun HERE.  

In no particular order here are the top three things I would recommend:

1.  Go to Dotonbori

When researching on things to do in Osaka, Dotonbori will surely come up. I went to Dotonburi during the day and at night and preferred it at night, BUT I prefer going out at night and had a friend with me. Either time of the day is great!

The Landmarks to Look Out For! 

  • Glico Man: It is the sign that shows a giant athlete on a blue track.
  • Kani Dōraku crab: This is six and a half meter crab on the front of a crab restaurant


Popular Japanese Restaurants

  • Kinryu Ramen: There are three Kinryu (Golden Dragon) ramen restaurants in Dōtonbori, one at each end of the street and one in the middle. Unlike many Japanese restaurants, Kinryu Ramen is open 24 hours, and offers a free garlic and kimchi bar.
  • Kani Doraku: A crab restaurant, famous for its moving crab billboard.
  • Otakoya: A popular takoyaki stand.
  • Zubora-ya: A fugu restaurant with a huge blowfish lantern hanging out front.
  • Dōtonbori Ramen Taishokudo: A ramen restaurant formed by eight famous ramen shops from across Japan.
  • Hariju: A beef restaurant, they use only Japanese beef.
  • Imai: An Udon restaurant.
  • Cui-daore, a massive eight-story restaurant with a different Osaka cuisine on each floor.
things to do in osaka
Glico Man
things to do in osaka
Dotonbori Sign

2. Visit Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park opened in 1931 and covers an area of 106.7 hectare. There are about 600 cherry trees, about 95 kinds of Japanese apricot flowers and 1250 trees in total bloom in Ume Grove.

The park has the Osaka Castle Hall, an athletic field, football field, baseball field, open-air music theatre, open-air concert hall, and Osaka Castle.

It is a really beautiful historical place. I did not get pictures of everything but it has lovely places to sit and walk as well as the actual castle.


things to do in osaka
Osaka Castle Park


things to do in osaka
Osaka Castle Park

3. Visit Universal Studio Japan

I am from London and we don’t have a Universal Studios so I was super excited to go! It was a fun day and would recommend it especially for those going with children.

There is not much to say here, it’s a great day to try some rides and have fun but be prepared to pay for the entry fee!

Universal Studios Japan is divided into eight main sections:

  • Hollywood
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Jurassic Park
  • Amity Village
  • Waterworld
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Universal Wonderland


The Train

The easiest way to get to Universal Studios Japan is by train. The park is just a five minute walk from Universal City Station on the JR Sakurajima Line.


things to do in osaka

Universal Studios Japanthings to do in osaka

things to do in osaka

things to do in osaka

I hope you have left inspired to plan your trip to Osaka! Let me know if you visit any of these places!


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3 must-see places in Osaka, Japan

3 things to do in Osaka, Japan

3 things to do in Osaka, Japan


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