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Recently, I spent a long winter weekend in Malaga, Spain solo for 3.5 days. Malaga, is the beautiful coastal city in the province of Andalusia known for being the birth place of Picasso. I LOVED escaping the British winter and spending some time in a warmer climate….British weather is not for me (unless it’s summer). I absolutely loved my Malaga solo travel trip, especially since it was my birthday!

Now I know you’re probably wondering GIRL! hook me up! Tell me where to stay, what to do, where to eat! Don’t worry I gotchu! I have this Malaga Travel Guide for you!

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Contents of This Post

1 . Where To Stay

2. Things To Do

3. Where To Eat

4. Travelling Solo 

5. Being Black in Malaga


1. Where To Stay

Options Options Options!

Where to stay in Malaga depends on how much you would like to spend, how close you would like to be to all the attractions in Malaga and what kind of accommodation you would like to stay in.

I stayed in a hotel called Exe Museos Malaga, a 3 star hotel which is located in the old town close to Place de constitution which meant I was near enough to EVERYTHING basically the city centre and the beach. It was perfect or a solo travel trip in Malaga. I would recommend staying in either accommodation close to the old town or the beach if you are here for a short time because you will want less time to be used on travelling to where the attractions are. The majority of the tourist attractions are not too far from each other by walking in my eyes but it depends on how fast you walk!

Different types of accommodation with high ratings on Trip Advisor in Malaga that I would recommend from the reviews :

Hotel Sur Málaga

Exe Malaga MuseosIn Town

Dulces Dreams Boutique Hostel

The Urban Jungle Hostel

Malaga Stop Hostel AB

Alcazaba Premium Hotel

La Casa Mata Centra – Guest House


2. Things To Do 

What to do in Malaga on solo travel trip really depends on the type of person you are. Whether you are an art lover or a nature lover, maybe perhaps you are both. Below are things I would recommend doing in Malaga based on experience and reviews.

Visit the Gibralfaro Castle and Alcazaba

Alcazaba Castle

  • They are two separate attractions but you can buy a combo ticket which makes it cheaper. QUCIK TIP: Alcazaba has free entry on Sundays!
  • To get to the Gibrafaro Castle take bus 5 from the Malaga centre to Gibrafaro – it cost me 1.30 EUR
  • It is best to take the bus to Gibralfaro Castle and walk down to Alcazaba. It is a lovely walk and it allow you to see the city from high up/
  • You will be able to see the city of Malaga at the Castle, it has beautiful views.
  • Recommended Time Allocation: Half a Day


Visit Museums and Art Galleries

  • Malaga Museum is a place to visit to find out all about the history of Malaga. QUICK TIP: Free Entry to EU Citizens
  • Picasso Museum is a museum that houses 285 works donated by members of Picasso’s family. QUICK TIP: Free admission, every Sunday the last two opening hours.
  • Picasso Birthplace Museum /Casa De Natal – This is where Picasso’s family lived in his early years . It is interesting to get to know about Picasso’s early years and other members of his family.
  • Interactive Music Museum


Visit the Port

Lounge around on the beaches

Malagueta Beach

There are many beaches in the Malaga area. The most accessible and popular is the Play de la Malaguetta. Definitely visit if you are pressed for time or don’t really want to go far.

Beaches of Interest

  • Playa De La Malagueta
  • Playa de la CaletaPlaya Pedregalejo


I had a spa day at Hamman Al Andalus and I highly recommend. You can book here

Other Info

  • There is a Malaga tour bus which I decided not to use. I pretty much walked everywhere or took public transport because you absolutely can and it will save money. The only time I took the bus was to visit Gibralfaro Castle. If you are fit and have at least two days then walking will be fine. If you are limited to one day. The tour bus may help you do everything quickly especially as on a solo travel trip in Malaga!


3. Where To Eat

Nom Nom Nom! Choosing where to eat is very important for all those foodies out there. No need to be hangry on holiday. Eating by yourself on a solo travel trip in Malaga could be daunting but these places should ease you!

Below I have listed different places to eat and drink based on my experience and highly rated reviews :


Casa arandas





4. Travelling Solo in Malaga

I honestly had no issues travelling solo in Malaga. My hotel was right in the centre of Malaga so I pretty much walked everywhere at ease without worrying about transport. I can be a very cautious solo traveler so I don’t stay out late at night but in Malaga I went at night for dinner and felt okay. Still be cautious and take extra measures to make sure you are safe.

A few things to note, in Malaga an old man did try to follow me, whether he was just curious in seeing a black person or he posed a serious threat I don’t know. When I realised I stopped at a bus stop with lost of people and asked someone a question about getting to a tourist location and so they stopped and turned around.

Also in Malaga I had a few men making advances wanting to have drinks or take my number, I pretty much said no in a nice way. This did not negatively affect my trip as I did not feel in danger at any point, I would just say be careful and stay in public areas.


5. Being Black in Malaga

For most part of the trip I had no issues and did not experience racism. The only incident I experienced was when I went out one evening for dinner and a drunk guy came up to me and greeted me with ‘ what’s up my n-word?” and walked off laughing. I was caught off guard and a bit confused but honestly I just ignored him. That is not the most pleasant experience but has to be shared.


Are you ready for your trip to Malaga!? As you can see there is plenty to do in Malaga for a short trip! Let me know if you found this helpful or is there is more information you would like to know!

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