A Romcom Book Set in Ghana : Imperfect Arrangements Book Review

A Romcom Book Set in Ghana : Imperfect Arrangements Book Review

You may be looking for books written by Black British or African authors that are lighthearted and not solely focused on race? or perhaps a book set in Ghana or an African country? If so, then you may want to look into Imperfect Arrangements written by British Ghanaian author, Frances Mensah Williams.

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When I initially find out that Imperfect Arrangements was based in Accra, Ghana I was super excited to read! While this is not a travel book, it is a book set in Accra looking at the lives of three friends Maku, Lyla and Theresa of whom are all married and are dealing with different situations in their marriages and life. Regardless of what they are experiencing in their marriages or if they have fights between one another they are more like sisters than friends.

My Initial Thoughts

I was initially sent a digital version of the book but after reading a couple of pages I decided to buy the physical copy with my own money. I love the layout of the book. Each character has a chapter for themselves both husbands and wives. Frances describes the situations, scenarios and more so well. I felt like I was there and I actually created a drama series in my head with the book, because there is A LOT of drama in it! haha.

My Feelings About The Couples

Theresa and Tyler

Theresa is described as the bougee one who just moved from London to Ghana. I actually liked Theresa’s character a lot and could understand where she was coming from in regards to her marriage but had some things she needed to work on all (well they all did).

Tyler is Theresa’s husband and was probably my favourite husband lol although he was annoying me at times or maybe I just liked Theresa a lot.

Maku and Nortey

Maku is very ambitious and has had a stressful life in my opinion due to her husband but she really loved him. Nortey, Maku’s husband was annoying me so much throughout the whole book, obviously I can not explain why. You will have to read it to find out!

Lyla and Kwesi

I found Lyla quite indifferent and from what I gathered she was a Christian, but did and said a few things I had questions about. Kwesi, Lyla’s husband is…..mmmm KWESI! That is all I really have to say.

My Finishing Thoughts and Is it Worth Buying?

I absolutely loved this book! As mentioned earlier the layout of the book I loved because it was character lead. I read this book in huge chunks and I am a slow reader and it can be hard to get into reading for me. When I picked this book up I read it for hours at a time. It is written so well and is such an easy read! I had a rollercoaster of emotions while reading this book from complete shock to absolute happiness. Overall, it’s a nice read and the ladies sister-ship in the book was lovely.

Imperfect Arrangements is definitely worth reading, I can confidently say that you will enjoy the characters, their stories and the writing. You can find the book below.



Book is also available in other countries and on Kindle, click on one of the link above!

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