How Moving To Ghana Changed My Life: My Salvation Testimony

How Moving To Ghana Changed My Life: My Salvation Testimony

Whenever I tell people I moved to Ghana when I was 16 years old. I always get asked a plethora of questions about my time there and what it was like. Here is part of my experience of moving to Ghana and how I came to know the Lord.


Moving To Ghana

I moved to Ghana with my family unwillingly in 2008 and I did not want to go! I picked up my GCSE results in the morning and in the evening I was on a plane to Ghana. I was convinced I would be moving onto a sixth form where I would no longer have to wear a uniform and only have to do 3 A-level subjects. I was rather indifferent to the whole thing. It actually felt surreal when we arrived to our house in Accra. I had no emotions or feelings, it was very much a “so I am here now” attitude.

We spent a good amount of time looking for a school. I ended up attending  TIS, a co-sex boarding school from grade 7 -13, I hear they are now adding a primary school. I joined TIS as an IB1 day student, I was convinced I would be a day student for the two years I would be there. I ended up switching to become a boarding student after realising that there was no way I would pass this course being a day student. The boarders all had each other during prep(night study) and had extra sessions on Saturdays whereas I was at home on my own trying to figure out my life. Asking myself why I was in Ghana and why I was studying for the International Baccalaureate?

I then realised I would surely fail this course unless I became a boarder and so I changed from a day student to a boarding student. Life changed for me and I learnt a lot. One day while walking past the multipurpose hall I heard Genesis the church band singing and decided I wanted to join and so I did.

I started to sing with the choir and started spending time with people who were Christians just like me I thought. They made it glaringly obvious to me that I was NOT a Christian. They read their bibles like every word was true and held a lot of weight, they prayed and spoke about God like they knew Him.

During this time I had actually been given a book to read. It was a women who claimed to be able to see into the spiritual realm and it freaked me out. It also made me start to question a LOT of things.

During this period I started to read my bible ALOT more and also tried to pray. I was trying to do the things Christians were supposed to do, although I would not personally say my heart had changed. I believe that the Lord used this period of my life to soften my heart and allowed me to see I was living a lie. He also used it to cultivate a desire to read the Bible.

At the same time I was still studying on my course and I had struggled throughout the entire thing and by Gods grace I passed quite decently!


How My Life Changed

I moved back to the UK and had May until September to myself! I had lost contact with a lot of friends and I spent a lot of time reading the bible. I eventually ready the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as well as Acts and Romans and more.  Over time this is what I read.

I read that God is holy and that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God(Romans 3:23). That my sins are at enmity with God and that the wages of my sin are death (Romans 8:6-8). That if I died that day I would be going to hell but all hope is not lost. God sent down his son Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life to die on the cross for me bearing my sin, After his death he rose again defeating sin and death.

Essentially Christ died in my place to spare me from the wrath of God, how amazing. As I read the pages in my bible it was clear I was a sinner and what Christ had done but what next? How was I to receive what Christ did for me? I learnt that if I was to repent and put my hope and trust in Christ Jesus. Believe he died for my sins and rose again, that I would have eternal life and I would be in right standing with God. Not just that but Christ will also return for his bride the church.

THIS CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE. My life has changed because of Christ. Salvation is a gift from God and has nothing to do with my works. Only God gave me this gift of salvation and opened up my eyes to see the truth of it. I didn’t have to earn it, which is why I have been saved by grace(Ephesians 2:8). I certainly don’t deserve it but He gave me this gift anyway. The Lord changed my heart essentially!


Special Thanks LOL

There are a few people I have to shout out and say thank you to: Nana Yaw, Elsie, Effia and Theodora. I am sure there are more but these are the people that God used to make me question my own life and for that I am very grateful to them for living lives pleasing to God and being an example.

This whole process started in Ghana and so Ghana has a very special place in my life because of this and I had to share! I can not know that my life changed and not share it!

Here is a sermon I have listened to and I love it and will also explain the gospel clearly to you.

If you have any questions about what I have written or about the gospel. My DM’s are always open!



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