Setting Up Your Home Comforts for an Extended Trip Away

Setting Up Your Home Comforts for an Extended Trip Away

Leaving the comfort of your home can bring on many mixed emotions when you’re planning a trip away. If you’re a regular traveller, you are probably used to packing up your suitcase, getting on a plane and heading to your chosen destination at the end. However, if you haven’t had a vacation for a long period of time, you may be slightly anxious at the thought of leaving everything behind. Your home is your safe space, and it’s full of all the things you need to enjoy a happy, content and relaxed life. When it comes to having a holiday there are a lot of different considerations to make, in order to create a healthy and happy environment for yourself whilst you’re away. Whether you’re planning a relocation, a one off visit, or you’re simply going on an extended trip, here are a handful of ideas to help you recreate some of your home comforts whilst you’re on your travels.


Get Organised With Your Media

So many people lean on certain television shows, podcasts, movies or sports as a sense of comfort and security. Even when certain things in your life don’t go to plan, you can always rely on your favourite media to get you through the day. Making sure you’re well organised with your media before you go away is very important, especially if you know you rely on certain programmes to get you through the day. You may want to research how to watch f1 abroad, or how to stream your favourite television show before you travel. This means that you will be well-equipped and prepared to stream the best content during your extended trip away.


Pack Your Favourite Snacks

Depending on where you’re travelling to, you may find that certain snacks and foods aren’t available. If you have food intolerances, strong preferences or you simply can’t bear to miss out on your go-to snack, it’s a good idea to stock up on these items before you go away. You may need to declare certain foods if you’re passing through customs in a certain country, so make sure you do your research before you start your journey.


Bring Bed Linen and Towels

Depending on where you’re staying or sleeping, you may want to bring some of your own bed linen and towels on vacation with you. Although they may be bulky to pack in your suitcase, it may help you to feel more settled in a new place and surroundings. Although it’s not absolutely vital to take these things with you, it can help to reduce anxiety if you’re worried about being away from your home. Having a familiar smell and material to touch can instantly help you to feel calmer as you embark on a new adventure away from home.


Don’t Forget Exercise Clothing and Equipment

Travelling can often get in the way of your usual rituals and habits, but you shouldn’t allow it to get in the way of something you truly enjoy doing. When you’re planning an extended trip away, you should always try to stick to your usual exercise regimes if you can. Whilst travelling is it possible to workout as long as you’re prepared with your usual clothing and equipment. You may want to find opportunities to go for a run, do an indoor workout or try a local exercise class wherever you’re visiting. Remembering to bring your exercise clothing with you and certain small pieces of equipment will ultimately help you to feel happier and more comfortable whilst you’re travelling.


There is nothing quite like getting home after a big adventure, even if it was the trip of a lifetime. You will always miss certain aspects of your home, so it’s important to soften the blow as much as possible and take certain home comforts with you. A home comfort can come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and notions. For many people a home comfort can be a physical item which represents something you would normally enjoy whilst at home. For others, a home comfort is more of an idea or ritual that keeps you calm and grounded. Ahead of your extended trip, you should try to make a list of all of your chosen home comforts so that you can be as prepared as possible whilst you’re away. Hopefully, the ideas mentioned above have provided you with some inspiration so that you always have a piece of home with you at all times.


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