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Planning a trip to Ghana soon and wondering what to pack? Here is a Ghana travel packing list for you. Before we get into it a few important things to check before travelling to Ghana is the weather season ( dry, rainy etc).  Also the places you plan on visiting will help you choose what clothes to pack. This list is a general list and is not exhaustive, hopefully it gives you a good place to start.

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Yellow Fever Certificate

First thing on your Ghana travel packing list, you will need to make sure you have is your yellow fever certificate or else you will be stopped when you land. To get this certificate you need to take the yellow fever travel injection. I believe there is a possibility to get it done at the airport but I recommend getting it done at a place that you feel comfortable with and trust.


Travel Insurance

This is not necessarily something you pack but I recommend getting it for your trip. I personally recommend World Nomads  as I have used them many times.

travel insurance


Battery Pack

I recommend this for when you are out and about and your phone battery is low. Take it around with you as a back up. I recommend an Anker portable charger as they are durable and affordable, the size and power of the battery pack you choose is up to you.



Portable Fan

A lot of Ubers and Bolt drivers will choose not put on their AC in cars and Ghana can be very hot. I recommend taking along a chargeable portable fan


Portable Mifi or E-sim Card

You are most likely staying at hotel that has internet but when you are out and about you will need internet. The options are going to be to:

  1. To roam on your current phone which you may not want to do.
  2. To buy a sim card in Ghana and put it in your phone and top it up. The disadvantage to this is that you will have to take out your international sim card unless you have a dual sim phone.
  3. To take a second phone to put in the sim card into and use it as a hot spot ,which is what I did but phones can die pretty quickly.
  4. To take an unlocked mobile mifi that you can insert a sim card into and use it where ever you go.
  5. Purchase an e-sim that you can use on your phone, a popular option is airalo.



Any sunny country you go to you will need some sunglasses. I highly recommend taking one or two pairs to use. You can check some out at



It can get very hot, you will most likely be doing a lot of sightseeing, so please take a sunscreen to protect yourself. If you are wondering what sunscreens are good for Black/Dark skin you can find some HERE


Hand Sanitiser and Antibacterial Wipes

Hand sanitiser is a must when visiting Ghana. There will be some toilets that you visit that you will need to use this after. The majority of places in Accra will have hand wash but some places you visit may not and you want to be prepared. Another option is to pack a mini hand wash and a bottle of water when you go out into your handbag.


Insect Repellent

I recommend packing insect repellent especially to use at night when you go out! Mosquitos seem to be able to smell fresh blood from a mile away lol!



Don’t forget to take your swimsuit like I did! Even take two if you can as you will surely visit the beach while you are there. You may even have a swimming pool at your hotel.



Pack some sturdy sandals, while I don’t assume you will be walking on dusty roads it can be nice to have solid sandals.


A Pair of Covered Shoes or Trainers

If you plan on using ATV bikes in Aburi or do activities like this you will need covered shoes or trainers to be comfortable with what you are doing.



I hope this list has helped you with your packing! As mentioned this is not an exhaustive list but I hope it can be starting point for you. If you are curious about things you should know before visiting Ghana or thing to know about using Uber in Ghana. 


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