Exe Malaga Museos Hotel Review|Where To Stay In Malaga

Exe Malaga Museos Hotel Review|Where To Stay In Malaga

I spent 4 nights on a solo trip at Exe Malaga Museos a hotel in Malaga. It had been a while since I had stayed in a hotel because I normally stay in hostels but it was my birthday so last minute I decided to cancel my previously booked hostel on booking.com and book a different hotel the morning I was flying. I know I paid €272 for 4 nights, simply because I booked it the day of flying. Was it worth it? Well let’s see!

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Exe Malaga Museos
Exe Malaga Museos

General Info

Exe Malaga Museos is a Spanish hotel chain with a range of 3 to 4 star hotels. At Exe Malaga Museos there is a buffet breakfast at an extra charge and a rooftop pool which is closed during off time seasons.

Location and Proximity

The hotel is located by Place de la Constitution which is a GREAT LOCATION! It’s right by Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga and the main shops. It is also not far from the main bus stops, muelle one ( the harbour area) and just about everything else lol.

Airport Shuttle

This particular branch did not have the option of booking a taxi or providing a shuttle BUT they did provide details on how to get there. The hotel is in the main city square so cars can’t stop there. Your taxi would have to stop somewhere and you walk up.It was so easy to find providing you have google maps. I would suggest having it marked out on a map if you won’t have data on your phone.

The Room

I stayed in a double rom on the 4th floor. The room had a mini balcony window and the view was nothing to right home about. I could basically see the windows of other flats in the area.

There is a fridge in the room with water and drinks BUT you have to pay for these – it will be cheaper to buy water outside of the hotel. For all the tea lovers there is no kettle in the room but there is one in the reception area which you can use. They also have laundry services at extra cost. The room also has a TV, a safe, hangers in a wardrobe type area and lamps.

Exe Malaga Museos
Exe Malaga Museos

Customer Sevice/Front Desk

The customer service was A+ . They were always smiling and were available to help me! No complaints here!

Exe Malaga Museos
Exe Malaga Museos

-Pre Arrival

Before I arrived I messaged via booking.com about information on how to get to the hotel and they messaged me back before I landed. Please keep in mind that I booked my hotel at 3am the day I flew. My flight was at 7.20am and I arrived at my hotel just after 12.30pm. They were pretty clear in their response but I still asked another question and they responded in a timely manner. I was impressed.

-Post Arrival

When I arrived check in was straight forward. They allowed me check in earlier since my room had already been cleaned! They had maps at the reception and the Malaga tour bus leaflets.

By the front desk there is alo a table with treats which you can help yourself too. There was also a sign about renting a bike. I thought this was such a nice touch to making their guests feel welcome!



My room was cleaned everyday. They would clean up my bathroom and my room. I receievd a new soap daily. I know this because I opened it everyday and used it as my hand soap. When I came back to the hotel it was always new. No complaints about cleanliness. I hate a dirty bathroom and they delivered.


Breakfast was served between 8am -10pm but 8am -11pm on weekends. I never woke up early enough to have it?. When breakfast was wrapping up I was probably just about to leave my room. It cost 10 euros to have breakfast if it was not already included in your hotel fee. I decided to try food outside of my hotel although the main reason is because I didnt wake up to eat it lol.


Ths room cost me €272 euros for 4 nights which is not bad, although I did book this the monring of my flight. My assumption is that it would have been cheaper if I had booked it earlier.


Due to the location I felt incredibly safe. it was right by the Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga and pretty much in the centre and close to everything. I did not have to worry about how I was going to get back to my accomodation or what time I was getting back since it was pretty much in the centre of the city centre.

I felt incredibly safe as a solo female traveller here. I was put on the 3rd floor I was very pleased to know the lock of the door was a proper lock it was not flimsy at all. If you are travelling by yourself and don’t want to be put on the 1st floor ask to be moved. Better to feel comfortable than not.


This was the downside to my stay. I am a light sleeper although this has changed over time. I could hear the couple in the room beside me doing the do……yes I know( that’s all I will say). They pretty much me woke up one night.


Overall conclusion and rating

I give Exe Malaga Museos hotel a 7/10

It was in a great location, they provided great service and quality for a 3 star hotel. Also for a last minute booking €272 euros for 4 nights is not bad at all. It worked out to be €68 a night. I can’t speak for the breakfast so don’t hold me to it but there are other places to eat around the hotel if you want to eat out.



Convinced? Go ahead and book Exe Malaga Museos for your next holiday!

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Exe Malaga Museos


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