Cascades Golf Resort, Spa & Thalasso Hotel Review | Somabay

Cascades Golf Resort, Spa & Thalasso Hotel Review | Somabay

I spent 3 nights at Cascades Golf Resort, Spa and Thalasso Hotel in Somabay. This was a hotel stay I won at World Travel Market (a business travel event)  but this review is an an honest review of my time there.

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General Info about Cascades Golf Resort, Spa and Thalasso Hotel

Cascades Golf Resort, Spa and Thalasso Hotel is a 5 star hotel located located 45km from Hurghada and is close to the read sea in Somabay.  It has a golf course and a popular spa with a Thalasso pool located in the hotel. The hotel has a private beach with free wifi approximately 3 minutes away which can be reached by the hotel shuttle bus which departs every 20 mins from the hotel. There is a shuttle bus to the beach that the hotel provides every 20 minutes until sunset. They also offer  a shuttle bus to the Somabay Marina every 2 hours but make sure to check at the front desk as these timings can change.


Location and Getting Around

Cascades is located 45km from Hurghada. Somabay is a quiet and relaxing area approximately 40 minutes to the Hurghada Marina and 30 minutes to Senzo Mall. If you are visiting Somabay you are more than likely looking to have a relaxing and chilled holiday as this is the type of area where there a few things to do in the Somabay Marina, chill a the beach and join excursions and not expect the hustle and bustle like Hurghada. The hotel can call you a taxi to but this may be at a premium, uber is also available in Somabay but you may be waiting a while to get one to pick you up.

TIP: If you are using an Uber to go far out like Hurghada and are trying to head back to Somabay particularly late at night you may have a few issues with getting an Uber back. My advice is to get to know the Uber that has picked you and get their number, let them know you will be heading back at a certain time and make an agreement with them. That way you know you have a car back for sure.


How to Get to the Hotel & Airport Shuttle 

You will need to fly into Hurghada International Airport and get a taxi to the Cascades Golf Resort, Spa & Thalasso Hotel. Cascades hotel can help organise an airport shuttle for a fee, make sure to give them enough time to organise it for you and consider time differences.


The Room 

I stayed in a standard room with two single beds and a balcony with chairs. The room had a very wooden aesthetic and is not the current modern design but was very clean.

The room also had a fridge, a full length mirror and a  sofa area with a table. The bathroom had a shower and a bathtub along with hairdryer and shower products. The room had a decent amount of space and the balcony room I had looked onto the back of the hotel’s golf course so a lot of greenery but you could also see see the sea in the distance. I liked the room it was enough space for two women to get ready in the morning and not feel cramped!


The Food

I had a half board room so breakfast and dinner were included in my room rate but lunch drinks were not included. Both breakfast and dinner was buffet style and they are a variety of dishes in chaffing dishes, desserts and salads. In the morning they can make your eggs how you like them as well as fresh pancakes and in the evening they would have fresh fish to cook. The food hall area had an inside area and an outside area that overlooked the golf course which was very beautiful and was really nice to sit at for breakfast. Having lovely views first thing in the morning was really nice but be mindful of the flies! The chefs and staff in the food hall were also very nice and I had lovely conversations with a few of them.

The Facilities

There is a pool, pool bar, an executive lounge, a pub/lounge upstairs, a gym, golf course and an ATM in the hotel. The hotel is very golf and spa focused as those are the two major things in the hotel. I would not say that this is a hotel to bring children as there is no childcare or play facilities for children.


Customer Service

Cascades Golf Resort, Spa and Thalasso Hotel’s customer service was quite good, even the cleaning staff in the corridors would say hi! I really liked the staff in the hotel, front desk were lovely and whatever queries we had they would help in whatever they could. I think I enjoyed my stay because of how helpful they were. Customer Service can honestly make or break an experience and turn a 10/10 experience to a 5/10 experience so I have to give it to Cascades for this!


The Spa

I spent my birthday at the spa and booked onto the Relax and Destress 1 day package which included an underwater massage, 60 minutes in the Thalasso pool and a 30 minute massage. Due to booking a treatment I also had access to the sauna and steam room for the day. You can book everything in the package individually or just use the popular Thalasso pool on its own, it’s totally up to you.

If you are lucky you may even be the only one in the Thalasso pool at the time you are meant to go in! Around the spa and hotel there are also drinks you can have my favourite was the sugar and cinammon drink, it was so nice and I kept passing by to have a little glass!

The Beach

Unfortunately Cascades does not have a beach onsite but they offer a shuttle bus to their private beach from sunrise to sunset. The beach is actually a sandy beach and the views are so beautiful also the water is very blue! There is wifi available here, beach beds and a beach bar where you can get drinks and food. The beach is attached to all the other hotel beach fronts so if you walk down you will see some of the other hotels.

The beach is a 10 minute walk to the Jetty which I recommend visiting, it’s a popular location for divers but is also a great spot for views and  pictures! The beach is also a 20 minute walk to the Somabay Marina so everything is quite interconnected as is quite close by.


Golf & Other Activites

As this is a golf resort there is a golf course on site but there is also the Somabay Golf Academy close by. The Somabay Golf Academy is right by the hotel and there is a small office at the Cascades Hotel.

The Somabay Golf Academy offer lessons where you need to pay but on certain days during the week they offer free 30 minute lessons. I decided to take a 30 min introductory lesson and one of the workers at the office by the hotel drove me down with a golf cart. After the lesson ended they also brought me back to the hotel with a golf cart.

The Hotel also has an entertainment schedule for the week from performers to belly dancing, you can check at reception to find out what is going on.

Final Thoughts

Overall my time at Cascades Hotel and Spa was a good relaxing experience and I enjoyed my time there! Cascades is definitely affordable luxury and I would recommend. I hope you found this review helpful and useful and if you are interested in booking the hotel – You can book HERE! 


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