The Best Ways To Travel Abroad as a Student


Trying to travel abroad as a student can be difficult because let’s be real money isn’t that ready available to travel the world. If you’ve been thinking about travelling as a student but you are not really sure about the options available. Here are a couple of suggestions for you to get the ball rolling on a potential wonderful adventure.

  1. Do your entire degree abroad

    One of the best ways to travel abroad as a student is to be an international student. This means you could be in another country for an entire three to four years for a Bachelors Degree, two years for a Masters Degree or three to four years for a PHD. This would give you the opportunity to explore that country and potentially surrounding countries as well.

    Now I know being an international student can be expensive, for example in England international students pay higher fees BUT they have on offer way more scholarships, so you could end up being funded. If your grades are pretty good this option could be for you because you could definitely receive a scholarship. Many universities and organisations in different countries provide scholarships but you would need to research on that particular country and find out what the eligibility criteria is. I have listed a few below that you can look into:

    Korea Government Scholarship Program

    MEXT (Japanese Postgraduate Government Scholarship)

    Erasmus Joint Masters Degree

    British Council- Non UK Students

    Fulbright- UK + US Student

  2. Take a semester or a year abroad

    This is a very similar to the option above except with this one you are a student in your home country and are deciding to take a semester or a year abroad in another country. You will then return to your home country to finish your degree. In England the majority of universities have links to other schools. Some schools have better links than others but all will have links.

    You will need to check with your University about a study abroad opportunity and what the criteria is to be able to apply for it. Some universities have a certain G.P.A/average grade you must have achieved at the university so far to be able to apply to study abroad and the school you want to go sometimes needs to have a similar program to the one you are currently on in your home country. Don’t be disheartened though, just double check with your university to be sure what the requirement are at YOUR institution.

  • Intern Abroad/ Work Placement Abroad

    To intern or work abroad you will need to either have connections in another country, have dual citizenship so can go to another country without any issues, be a part of the EU so can move freely (not sure what will happen after Brexit!), look for a internship with an organisation like AIESC or CRCC (I have no experience with them so can not vouch for them) or have families with money to spare. This is because for internships its is harder to get a visa in another country unless you study in that country. Now if you have decided to do option number one and do your degree abroad then you can intern in that country.

    This option may work if applying to a multinational company or decide to go along with one of the companies such as CRCC where you have to pay to be allocated an internship…..yeah now you understand why I say having a family with the all the money can help out a little.

  • Seasonal Jobs

    During the summer and winter vacations there are seasonal jobs in certain countries that students can do such as teaching English, resort work and hospitality. You would need to check the visa requirements and if you are eligible but this can be a great way to travel. I have worked at a summer camp in the past and many of the teachers were from other European countries . Students can also apply for the J1 Visa to work in the USA during the summer. Below are some websites you can look into :

    J1 Visa Summer Work Program

    EF Summer Jobs

    One World 365

As you can see there are many ways to potentially travel as a student. Let me know if you have done any of these or are going to do them. If you know of any other ways let me know!



best ways to travel as a student




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