About Me

Hello lovelies,

My name is Sarah. I am a British Nigerian that was born and raised in England. Sarah Toyin is a travel and lifestyle blog aimed at explorers that look like me and are looking for real and authentic information about life and travel where I mainly focus on Africa, Asia and Mediterranean Europe.

I am located in London and you can pretty much call me a storyteller. who loves Christ, travelling, music,writing, helping people, sharing stories.

When I was 16, I moved to Ghana with my family and attended a boarding school for two years where I studied for the International Baccalaureate Program. This was a very mixed emotional experience for me and was where the Lord saved me and by His grace became a Christian. Due to this, Ghana has a special place in my heart.

At the age of 18, I moved back to England to attend Oxford Brookes University to study my undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing and after my degree stayed 2 more years to work there.

I moved from Oxford to Korea to teach English with the EPIK Program and lived there for a year. While I was there I visited Japan, China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

I am now back in London, have finished my Masters in Digital Media and now work in a digital media agency where I manage YouTube Channels.

I started blogging via YouTube whilst in Korea to share my new and exciting experience. I would get a lot of questions about teaching in Ulsan. Korea a coastal city and being black in Korea.

This has evolved into Sarah Toyin, a travel and lifestyle blog that is aimed at to help women that look like me wto travel by providing solo travel tips, travel guides, advice on moving abroad to Korea, posts on being black abroad,travel tips, itineraries, hotel reviews and more. My blog is here to inspire and encourage women who look like me to explore new places, try new things and be safe while doing it.

On the lifestyle side, I mainly post about my faith and products that I feel will better your life.

If you feel there is a post missing drop me a message! I always respond! 😊

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